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Energy Background

A reliable supply of energy is a basic prerequisite for economic development and improvement of living standards for all. Energy is a requirement for heating, cooking and lighting homes, but also as electricity for running machinery and equipment, for powering health facilities and schools. No country has had sustained development without a corresponding increase in energy demand per capita.

The mission of the Rwanda energy sector is to create conditions for the provision of safe, reliable, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally appropriate energy services to households and to all economic sectors on a sustainable basis.

By fulfilling its vision and mission, the energy sector will contribute to the goals of national socio-economic development, including the progressive elimination of poverty.

Currently, serious and dedicated efforts have been undertaken, to develop the energy sector, to increase generation, improve transmission and distribution, diversify the energy sources, to reduce costs and elaborate a conducive legal and regulatory framework.

The energy sector is moving fast and it is at the same time, more stable and harmonized than before. All stakeholders, ranging from the central and local governments to private companies and development partners, have committed themselves to contributing to the development of the sector.

•        Hydro Power

•        Geothermal Energy

•        Peat to Power

•        Methane Gas

•        Biogas


•        Solar Energy